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Sunday 4th December 2016

1800 Welcome Barbeque
Tower 6 – Melbourne Cricket Ground

Monday 5th December 2016

0900 Conference Overview
0920 Official Conference Opening
Professor Ross Garnaut AO
University of Melbourne
0945 Nitrogen: The historical progression from ignorance to knowledge, with a view to future solutions
Professor James Galloway
Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, USA
1015 Morning Tea
Overarching theme: Nitrogen at a global scale
1100 Nitrogen management for future food security: Sub-Saharan African case-study
Dr Cargele Masso
Soil Scientist, Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nairobi, Kenya
Global nitrogen fertiliser demand and supply: trend, current level and outlook
Dr Patrick Heffer
Senior Director, Agriculture Service, International Fertilizer Industry Association (IIFA), Paris, France
Nitrogen budget: a tool to validate information on nitrogen fluxes
Dr Wilfried Winiwarter
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria
Nitrogen inputs, management and impacts in Australia
Dr John Angus
CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Canberra and E.H Graham Centre, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
1245 Lunch – Posters on display
 1330 Concurrent Session 1A Concurrent Session 1B Concurrent Session 1C Concurrent Session 1D
Global impacts of reactive nitrogen New methods of measuring reactive nitrogen in the environment Biological N fixation for improved nitrogen utilisation Inhibitors to improve N efficiency
1330 – 1345

Turning points of global anthropogenic nitrogen creation and their climate effect

Baojing Gu

An assessment of the applicability of ambient NH3 instrumentation under field conditions

Marsailidh Twigg

Annual crop legumes may not mitigate greenhouse gas emissions because of the high carbon cost of nitrogen fixation

David Herridge

The role of nitrification inhibitors and polymer coated urea in N management in the sub-tropics

Terry Rose

1345 – 1400

Minimising the land area used by agriculture without petrochemical nitrogen

Rowan Eisner

Compost-N recovery: 15N natural abundance quantitative approach

Caio Inácio

Nitrogen contribution from forage legumes in maize farming system in West Timor, Indonesia

Evert Hosang

Agronomic evaluation of enhanced efficiency N fertilizers in lowland rice

Dinesh Kumar

1400 – 1415

Solution scenarios and the effect of top-down versus bottom-up N mitigation measures – experiences from The Danish Nitrogen Assessment

Tommy Dalgaard

Discriminating nitrogen uptake parameters of maize cultivars with high-throughput phenotyping at the reproductive phase

Friederike Gnädinger

Estimates of the apparent net mineralisation of legume N and comparisons of the subsequent recovery of legume or fertiliser nitrogen by wheat

Mark Peoples

The effect of nitrification inhibitors on wheat crop performance on coarse-grained soils in Mediterranean environments

Elliot Duncan

1415 – 1430

Can nitrogen management maintain grain protein content of wheat under elevated CO2? A FACE study

Cassandra Walker

Microdialysis – a new technology for investigating soil nitrogen fluxes in the rhizosphere

Richard Brackin

Biological nitrogen fixation by soybean under conservation agriculture in the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India

Milkha Aulakh

Effects of the novel nitrification inhibitor DMPSA on yield, mineral N dynamics and N2O emissions

Andreas Pacholski

1430 – 1445

Quantification of the German nitrogen cycle

Markus Geupel

Pools and Fluxes: A snapshot of nitrogen dynamics in Australian soils

Mark Farrell

Rhizobial and non-Rhizobial nodulators of Pueraria phaseoloides

Dilantha Gunawardana

Dual effects of nitrification inhibitors on agricultural N2O emission

Shu Kee Lam

1445 – 1500

The unexpectedly large nitrogen footprint of Australians

Xia Liang

New mobile, field based continuous-flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer system for automated denitrification studies

Daniel Warner

The net contributions of fixed N by crop legumes in low rainfall farming systems

Michael Moodie

Residual effect of nitrification inhibitors enhances NUE in a cropping system

Miguel Quemada

1500 – 1530

Impact Presentations

Evaluation of historical global gaseous nitrogen emissions from croplands considering NH4+ and NO3 forming fertilizer species in global fertilizer dataset

Kazuyna Nishina

Assessing the influence of rice roots and root exudates on nitrogen mineralization using a novel protocol

Adbul Kader

Effect of molybdenum on nitrogen fixation, nodule characteristics and biomass yield of hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth) colonized by Rhizobium sp. FYRM15

Faridul Alam

Nitrapyrin with nitrogen can improve yield or quality of wheat, grass pasture, canola or sugarcane in Australia

Greg Wells

Determining nitrogen removal in US sewage treatment

Liz Cattaneo

Nitrogen turnover and N2:N2O partitioning from agricultural soils – a simplified incubation assay

Johannes Friedl

Soybean (Glycine max) response to rhizobia inoculation and soil nitrogen

Catherine Mathenge

Effects of the nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) on metabolic activity of ammonia oxidizers

Xiuzhen Shi

Better understanding of N runoff and leaching from cropland over China

Yongqui Xia

Microdialysis – a sensitive method for estimating plant-available N released during litter decomposition

Scott Buckley

Azolla fertilizer as an alternative N source for red spinach production on alluvial and peat soils in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Dwi Widiastuti

Enhancing efficacy of microbial fertilizers by its confinement in a low cost organic matrix based novel carrier for cultivation of wheat Triticum Aestivum L.)

Rana Pratap Singh

Nitrogen balance and use efficiency in the Calapooia River Watershed, Oregon, United States

Jiajia Lin

Synthesized measurements of reactive nitrogen fluxes onto a forest using gradient and relaxed eddy accumulation method

Kazuhide Matsuda

The role of seed coatings in enhancing rhizobium colonisation and yield increases in pulse crops in the northern Mallee of South Australia

Shane Philips

Nitrogen splitting; a strategy to improve total nitrogen uptake, apparent recovery and grain yield of direct seeded aerobic rice

Hafeez Rehman

Effects of human activities on nitrogen flow characteristics in the rural area of Taihu watershed, China

Yanhua Wang

Monitoring the N release from organic amendments using proximal sensing

Daniele De Rosa

Sulphur fertilizer and Bradyrhizobium inoculation improved soybean (Glycine max L. Merill) growth performance and N2 fixation on acid soils of Ethiopia

Girma Abera Jibat

Dynamics and mineralisation of nitrogen in soil fertilised with brown coal-urea blends

Biplob Saha

1500 Afternoon Tea & Poster Session
 1545 Concurrent Session 2A Concurrent Session 2B Concurrent Session 2C Concurrent Sessions 2D
Regional impacts of reactive nitrogen Modelling and decision support Biological N fixation and cropping systems Crop management to improve nitrogen efficiency
1545 – 1600

Assessment of current and critical nitrogen inputs on European agricultural soils

Wim De Vries

Targeted regulation of nitrogen loads – a spatial modelling case study of a Danish catchment

Berit Hasler

Towards synthetic nitrogen-fixing symbioses in grasses

Michael Udvardi

Effects of polymer- and nitrification inhibitor-coated urea on N2O emission, productivity and profitability in a wet tropical sugarcane crop in Australia

Weijin Wang

1600 – 1615

Nitrogen emission and deposition Budget in Africa

Corinne Galy-Lacaux

Fertcare® – moving toward more effective nitrogen use

Jeff Kraak

Could the nitrogenase enzyme be N2 limited in legume symbioses?

Murray Unkovich

Controlled release nitrogen fertilizer use in potato production systems of eastern Canada

Noura Ziadi

1615 – 1630

The increasing importance of U.S. reduced nitrogen deposition

Jeffrey Collett

Nitrogen decisions for cereal crops: a risky and personal business

Robert Farquharson

Phylogenetic identification of mungbean-nodulating strain MN-S and characterization of Nod factors

Mohsin Tariq


Assessing controlled release and deep placement N fertilizer technologies in subtropical sugarcane

Lukas Van Zwieten

1630 – 1645

Relative contribution of NH3, NO2, NH4+, NO3- to total Nitrogen deposition at a agricultural site in Indo-Gangetic Plain of India

Saumya Singh

Evaluation of a new fertilizer recommendation approach to improve nitrogen use efficiency across small-holder farms in China

Ping He

Two-way nitrogen transfer between Dalbergia odorifera and its hemiparasite Santalum album is enhanced when the N2-fixing host effectively fixes nitrogen

Xinhua He

Improving nitrogen efficiency of maize (corn) using crop sensors

Peter Scharf

1645 – 1700

Nitrogen balance in Brazilian Cerrado pastures

Luciene Gomes

Addressing heterogeneity of maize yield and nitrogen use efficiency in India: Farm-specific fertilizer recommendation from the Nutrient Expert® Tool

Kaushik Majumdar

Should soil nitrogen be mined?

Deli Chen


Effect of a new urease inhibitor on ammonia volatilization and nitrogen utilization in maize in North China Plain

Li Qianqian

1700 – 1715

Towards a nitrogen budget for different forests types of the central Congo Basin

Pascal Boeckx

A calibrated model for predicting pasture yield response to nitrogenous fertiliser

Murray Hannah

A model of animal manure nitrogen mineralisation in soil

Peter Sørensen

Understanding the variability in performance of the nitrification inhibitor 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate in Australian agricultural soils

Helen Suter

1715 – 1730 Impact Presentations

How did chemical nitrogen efficiency evolve under agricultural intensification process in northern China from 1980 to 2014?

Fanquia Meng

The ‘Dairy Nitrogen Fertiliser Advisor’ – a web-based tool to assist farmer decisions

Kerry Stott

Nodulation, nitrogen fixation, tissue N-content and productivity of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) varieties as influenced by rhizobial inoculation and phoshphorus application on farmers’ fields in Minna, Sothern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria

Olaotan Adediran

Stability of urease inhibitor added to urea

Heitor Cantarella

Reactive nitrogen releases and greenhouse gas emissions during the staple food production in China and their mitigation potential

Longlong Xia

Spatial analysis of nitrogen strip trials

Tony Webster

Field Evaluation of N2O, CO2 and CH4 emissions and enzyme activities under corn-soybean intercropping system

Artemio Martin Jr

Improving nitrogen use efficiency of irrigated rice (Oryza sativa L.): use of Stabilized Urea

Jeewan Tharindu Kumara Hannagala Gamage

Nitroportugal – Strengthening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excess reactive nitrogen

Cláudia Marques-dos-Santos Cordovil

Economies of scale in farms and environmental inequalities through the lenses of nitrogen fertilizer use: Concept development

Wilfried Winiwarter

Nitrogen use efficiency in field crops in India: research, management and successes

Milkha Aulakh

Dynamics of nitrate accumulation in soil as a function of inorganic and organic fertilization

Attila Dunai

Canadian-US demonstration project towards an international nitrogen demonstration system

Jill Baron

Agriculture Victoria’s unique distribution channel for nutrient balances

Andrew McAllister

Nitrogen dynamics in deep ploughed soils of North Germany

Rolf Nieder

Polymer coated urea: mitigating nitrogen loss to the environment

Bryan Hopkins

Nitrogen budget in South America: observation and modeling

Jean Ometto

A web-based nutrient mass balance tool for grazing-based dairy farms

Innocent Rugoho

Nitrogen use efficiency, crop productivity and environmental impacts of urea deep placement in lowland rice fields

Yam Gaihre

1900 Conference Dinner
Melbourne Aquarium

Tuesday 6th December 2016

0800 Field Trips
Field Trips will be departing from the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) at 8am sharp.  Tours will return to the MCG at approximately 5pm.

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Overarching theme: Environmental impacts and realistic goals
0830 Tracking nitrogen from the paddock to the reef – a case study from the Great Barrier Reef
Professor Michael Bell
Centre for Plant Science, QAAFI, The University of Queensland, Australia
Dr Britta Schaffelke
Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia
Nitrogen cycling and its environmental impacts on terrestrail ecosystems in China
Professor Xiaoyuan Yan
Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing, China
Professor Xuejun Liu
China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
Realistic nitrogen use efficiency goals in dairy production systems: a review and case study examples
Dr Cecile deKlein
AgResearch, Dunedin, New Zealand
1000 Morning Tea & Poster Session
 1030 Concurrent Session 3A Concurrent Session 3B Concurrent Session 3C Concurrent Session 3D
Nitrogen science and policy Reactive nitrogen processes Crop nitrogen and soil biology Effects of reactive nitrogen on ecosystems
1030 – 1045

Nitrogen and the sustainable development goals

Clare Howard

Increased influence of nitrogen limitation on CO2 emissions from historical and future land use and land-use change

Atul Jain

Response of root-endophytic denitrifier to organic and inorganic fertilization in a fluvo-aquic soil

Wei Zhou

Ecosystem services impacts associated with environmental reactive nitrogen release in the United States

Jana Compton

1045 – 1100

Options to decrease N losses from our global food system

Sjaak Conijn

How do NH3 emissions relate to nitrogen use efficiency of livestock production?

Nick Hutchings

Changes in N cycling in the rhizosphere of canola lead to decreased N requirements in a following wheat crop

Cathryn O’Sullivan

Does nitrogen-induced forest carbon sequestration offset agricultural N2O emissions? – A meta-analysis of nitrogen addition effects on carbon sequestration in tree woody biomass

Lena Schulte-Uebbing

1100 – 1115

Putting an economic value on nitrogen pollution in Europe: can we improve the unit N cost method using results of the Eurobarometer?

Hans Van Grinsven

Nitrous oxide’s ozone destructiveness under different climate scenarios

David Kanter

Organic nitrogen drives shifts in carbon allocation at multiple levels along the plant – soil continuum

Torgny Näsholm

The effect of residence time and hypoxia on nitrogen loading in the Yarra River estuary, Australia

Keryn Roberts

1115 – 1130

Effectiveness of two decades of policy measures to reduce ammonia emissions in the Netherlands

Roy Wichink Kruit

Process-based modelling of NH3 exchange over a grazed field

Andrea Móring

Soil microbial community structures and activities in relation to nitrogen cycling in two contrasting soils in Malawi – community responses to added carbon

Akane Chiba

Increasing nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture reduces future coastal water pollution in China

Ang Li

1130 – 1145

EQCom: an education and outreach simulation game for enhancing environmental quality in the commons

Ashley Hammac

Validation of ammonia satellite retrievals with ground-based FTIR

Enrico Dammers

Building critical SOC concentration as a major pathway for improving nutrient use efficiency in sub-Saharan Africa

Patrick Musinguzi

Tracking sources of excess nitrate discharge in Lake Victoria, Kenya for improved nitrogen use efficiency in the catchment

Benjamin Nyilitya

1145 – 1200

Newton-Bhabha Virtual Centre on Nitrogen Efficiency of Whole-cropping Systems for improved performance and resilience in agriculture (NEWS India-UK)

Julia Drewer

Tackling climate change in agriculture- key mechanisms in GHG mitigation

Adrian Leip

Biological factors influence N mineralization from soil organic matter and crop residues in Australian cropping systems

Gupta Vadakattu

Addressing the nitrogen problem in sugarcane production to reduce pollution of the Great Barrier Reef

Nicole Robinson

 1200 – 1230 Impact Presentations
Feature Presentation –
Science at the core of policy and practice: AERIUS, the calculation tool of the Dutch Integrated Approach to NitrogenMark Wilmot

NH3 emissions from grazing pasture following urea and urease inhibitor treatments

Mei Bai

Genotypic variation in nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and improving NUE in irrigated Rice

Surekha Kuchi

Assessing and mapping atmospheric nitrogen concentration and sources in a complex region using nitrogen concentration and isotopic composition in lichens

Pedro Pinho

Strategies for mitigating ammonia emissions from agroecosystems

Baobao Pan

Screening of some Pakistani Wheat germplasm for nitrogen use efficiency and associated traits

Fahim Khan

High N retention in Mediterranean catchments enhanced by water management practices

Luis Lassaletta

Nitrogen fertilization management can decrease methane emission from wetland rice fields of Central Vietnam

Thi Thai Hoa Hoang

How does inorganic N fertilizer affect soil nitrogen mineralization?

Navreet Mahal

Assessing the feasibility and net costs of achieving water quality targets: A case study in the Burnett-Mary region, Queensland, Australia

Craig Beverly

Drainage losses of N2O and NO3 in Ferralsol is a major N-loss pathway

Peter Quin

Effect of rice husk biochar on nitrous oxide emission from decomposing hairy vetch in two soils under high-soil moisture condition

Yoshitaka Uchida

Is lichen δ15N an indicator of nitrogen pollution and a surrogate of nitrogen atmospheric composition? Evidence from manipulative experiments

Silvana Munzi

A study of the relationship between the oxidation-reduction layer and the denitrification activity in paddy soil

Xiaolan Lin

Temporary immobilisation promotes nitrogen use efficiency of irrigated rice

John Angus

Nitrogen use efficiency and nitrous oxide emission as affected by nitrogen and biochar amendment in an intensified vegetable field in China

Zhengquin Xiong

The preliminary Danish nitrogen footprint -Applying nitrogen footprints and using policy scenarios to change behavior

Morten Graversgaard

Assessment of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions over South Asia using inverse modelling

Sachin Ghude

An empirical model of wheat baking quality under elevated CO2

Malcolm McCaskill

Towards a complete nitrogen budget from subtropical dairy farms: three years of pasture nitrogen losses in surface runoff

David Rowlings

1200 – 1230

Nitrogen species distribution in groundwater: A review of historical data with recent sampling in the Gippsland, Victoria (Australia)

Michael Heaven

Linkage of N2O emission to functional gene abundance in an intensively managed calcareous flu-aquic soil

Liuqing Yang

In-situ Soil Nitrogen Mineralization in response to Nitrogen management for Corn and Soybean in poorly drained Soils with and without Tile-Drainage

Fabian Fernandez

1230 Lunch – Posters on display
Overarching theme: Nitrogen for food production
1315 John Freney Memorial Session
Professor Deli Chen
University of Melbourne, Australia
Nitrogen and cereal production: Opportunities for enhanced nitrogen efficiency and reduced losses
Dr Jagdish K Ladha
IRRI, Laguna, Philippines
Enhanced nitrogen fertilizer technologies: Optimize crop production and minimize environmental loss
Dr Clifford Snyder
International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), Arkansas, USA
Trends in animal production and implications for global nitrogen efficiency
Professor Oene Oenema
Nutrient Management and Soil Fertility, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands
1440 Afternoon Tea & Poster Session
 1530 Concurrent Session 4A Concurrent Session 4B Concurrent Session 4C Concurrent Session 4D
Nitrogen budgets and calculators to aid decision making Nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture Cropping systems and nitrogen efficiency Quantifying and managing animal excreta
1530 – 1545

Useful performance indicators for improving nitrogen management within grazing-based dairy farms

Cameron Gourley

Nitrous oxide fluxes from cropping soils in a semi-arid region in Australia: A 10 year perspective

Louise Barton

Benefits, costs and risks of nutrient use in cropping in the high-rainfall zone of southern Australia

Kerry Stott

Integrated assessment of manure transport induced by European environmental regulations: a life cycle approach for liquid pig manure in Germany

Till Kuhn

1545 – 1600

Spotlight on OVERSEER: perspectives and approaches to addressing nutrient management challenges using an integrated farm systems model

David Wheeler

The influence of increasing organic matter content on N2O emissions

Lynne Macdonald

Influence of soil fertility variability and nutrient source on maize productivity and nitrogen use efficiency on smallholder farms in Zimbabwe

Shamie Zingore

Mitigation of nitrogen losses with Australian zeolites during the anaerobic digestion of swine manure

Dona Thushari Nilushika Wijesinghe

1600 – 1615

Nitrogen footprint of taupo beef produced in a nitrogen-constrained lake catchment and marketed for a price premium based on low environmental impact

Stewart Ledgard

Nitrification is a primary driver of nitrous oxide production in agricultural soils

Rui Liu

Short-term agronomic efficiency of nitrogen (N) in contrasting cropping systems in Tanzania

Leonard Rusinamhodzi

Novel methods for estimating urinary N production from two contrasting dairy systems

Mark Shepherd

1615 – 1630

Nitrogen performance indicators on southern Australian grain farms

Robert Norton

Nitrous oxide emission factors across Mediterranean regions: a meta-analysis of available data from field studies

Luis Lassaletta

Nitrogen cycling enhanced by conservation agriculture in a rice-based cropping system of the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plain

Ariful Islam

Dairy cow urine sodium content and soil aggregate size influence the amount of nitrogen lost from soil

Toru Hamamoto

1630 – 1645

Nitrogen use efficiency as an indicator for monitoring the environmental sustainability of maize production in central Chile

Osvaldo Salazar

Strategies for GHG mitigation in Mediterranean cropping systems. A review

Alberto Sanz-Cobeña

Sheep grazing on crop residues increase soil mineral N and grain N uptake in subsequent wheat crops

James Hunt

Estimating nitrogen excretion and deposition in Australian grazing dairy systems for improved nutrient management

Sharon Aarons

1645 – 1700

The nitrogen footprint of organic food in the United States

Laura Cattell Noll

Effect of reduced fertiliser rates in combination with a nitrification inhibitor (DMPP) on soil nitrous oxide emissions and yield from an intensive vegetable production system in sub-tropical Australia

Clemens Scheer

Mineral nitrogen and rice production in Myanmar

Soe Soe Thein

Quantifying the supply of plant-available nitrogen from dairy effluents to grow crops

Matthew Norris

Impact Presentations
1700 – 1730

NBudget: a simple tool for farmers and advisors for N management in Australia’s northern grain cropping

David Herridge

The effect of inhibitor use and urea fertiliser application on pasture production and nitrous oxide emissions

Kevin Kelly

Nitrogen use efficiency for green onion (Allium fistulosum) in sands of South Central Coastal Vietnam using 15N-labelling

Truc T T Do

Surface atmosphere exchange of NO and CO2 in a grazed semi arid ecosystem

Claire Delon

Integrating nitrogen footprints across scales: from institution to watershed

Elizabeth Castner

Nitrous oxide emissions from wheat grown in a medium rainfall environment in SE Australia are low compared to overall nitrogen losses

Ashley Wallace

Evaluation of yield stability and Nitrogen-use efficiency of maize genotypes under stress and non-stress environments

Gloria Boakyewaa Adu

Comparing nitrogen budgets in shrimp and rice-shrimp ponds in Vietnam

Duc Dien Luu

Nitrogen budget on township scale in North China Plain

Xinsheng Niu

Nitrous oxide emission from N fertilizer and vinasse in sugarcane

Heitor Cantarella

Moringa Oleifera leaves and fertiplus affect nitrogen status and garden egg yield in Nigeria savanna and rainforest soils

Michael Kekong

Legume fodder for dairy cattle production and soil nutrient status in Bangladesh

Mohammad Abdus Samad Khan

Extending “SafeGauge for Nutrients” to high rainfall cropping in Australia
Kirsten Barlow
Progress in quantifying coastal N2O emissions in order to close the (terrestrial) biogenic nitrogen budget
Naomi Wells
The effects of intensification on nitrogen dynamics and losses on diversified organic vegetable farms
Debendra Shrestha

Monitoring and modeling of nitrogen leaching caused by nitrogen fertilizer application to green tea fields in Japan

Yuhei Hirono

Mitigating indirect N2O emission from Japanese agricultural soils by reducing nitrogen leaching and runoff

Sadao Eguchi

Closing the nitrogen supply and demand gap using legume residue combined with fertiliser nitrogen input

Pilar Muschietti-Piana

Reduction strategies for institution N footprints: a case study at the University of Virginia

Elizabeth Milo

Alternative N application strategies for reduced N2O emissions in flood-furrow irrigated cotton

Graeme Schwenke

The effect of ‘Double High Agriculture’ on nitrogen losses from crop production to coastal water in China

Ang Li

Foliar nitrogen dynamics of representative woody plants seedlings grown under elevated ozone with a free-air system

Cong Shi

Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from sugarcane soil with legume intercropping

Monica Salazar

N-acetylcysteine increased nitrogen-induced rice yield

Sarwar Jahan

 1800 – 1930 Community Forum
The University of Melbourne
Bus transport will be provided for INI participants between the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the University of Melbourne.

Thursday 8th December 2016

Overarching theme: Future directions for nitrogen policy and practice
0830 Assessing the use of different policy instruments to manage the unwanted release of nitrogen
Mr Simon Upton
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Economic perspectives on nitrogen in farming systems: managing trade-offs between production, risk and the environment
Professor David Pannell
University of Western Australia
Future policy directions for improving nitrogen management
Professor Mark Sutton
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), Midlothian, UK
1000 Morning Tea & Poster Session
 1045 Concurrent Session 5A Concurrent Session 5B Concurrent Session 5C Concurrent Session 5D
  National and community nitrogen footprints Reactive nitrogen deposition Cropping systems and nitrogen efficiency Approaches to assessing and managing N in animal agriculture
1045 – 1100

Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen balance, and Nitrogen productivity – a combined indicator system to evaluate Nitrogen use in crop production systems

Frank Brentrup

Anthropogenic aerosol depositions of nitrogen and phosphorus reduces the sensitivity of oceanic productivity to warming

Feng Zhou

Fates of the applied nitrogen fertilizer after harvesting wheat on dryland soil

Jianbin Zhou

Modelling nitrogen use efficiency by world pig production systems in 2050 under contrasting production and dietary scenarios

Luis Lassaletta

1100 – 1115

Institutional barriers and opportunities for improving policy approaches to reducing excess reactive nitrogen from U.S. agriculture

Otto Doering

Reactive nitrogen fluxes through atmospheric dust interactions over the tropical megacity of Indo – Gangetic plains

Reema Tiwari

Rootzone reality – A network of fluxmeters measuring nitrogen losses under cropping rotations

Matthew Norris

Assessing three nitrogen use efficiency indicators for pig supply chains in East and Southeast Asia

Aimable Uwizeye

1115 – 1130

An integrated tool for calculating and reducing institution nitrogen and carbon footprints

Allison Leach

Trends of monitored nitrogen species at monitoring sites in North America

Leiming Zhang

Nitrate-N losses in drainage water under irrigated vertosols of north-western NSW

Tim Weaver

Nitrogen budgets for lowland temperate beef and sheep grazing systems: the North Wyke Farm Platform

Tom Misselbrook

1130 – 1145

Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and tools for farmer engagement: a good reason for being imprecise

Dona Lucas

Reactive nitrogen fluxes and scavenging through wet deposition over Mathura, India

Mudita Chaturvedi

Benchmarking and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions in temperate vegetable cropping systems in Australia resulting in improved nitrogen use efficiency

Ian Porter

Substitutions of corn silage, alfalfa silage and corn grain in cow rations impact N use and N loss from dairy farms

Mark Powell

1145 – 1200

Nitrogen surplus: An environmental performance indicator for sustainable food supply chains

Eileen McLellan

Twelve years of nitrogen deposition gap? An EMEP4UK model analysis

Massimo Vieno

Contribution of nitrous oxide in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of novel and conventional rice production technologies

Khairul Alam

Improving nitrogen use efficiency in subtropical dairy systems – A modelling approach using POAMA and DayCent

David Rowlings

1200 – 1215

Evaluating the Taiwanese nitrogen footprint of food production

Ming-Chien Su

Ammonia deposition in the neighbourhood of an intensive cattle feedlot in Victoria, Australia

Jianlin Shen

Strip planting decreases nitrogen fertilizer requirements while retention of more residue increases them in a rice-wheat-mungbean sequence on a subtropical floodplain soil

Abdul Kader

The effect of defoliation severity during late autumn on herbage production, regrowth and nitrogen uptake of diverse pastures in Canterbury, New Zealand

Grace Cun

Impact Presentations
1215 – 1230

Nitrogen footprint updates in Japan: Significance of global trades and food culture

Hideaki Shibata

Human nitrogen fixation and greenhouse gas emissions: a global assessment

Wim De Vries

Dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium, denitrification and anaerobic ammonium oxidation in paddy soil

Arjun Pandey

Improving nitrogen and phosphorus response of corn (Zea mays L.) to dairy slurry by precision injection: benefits and risks

Shabtai Bittman

Canadian-US project towards an international nitrogen management system

Jill Baron

Atmospheric nitrogen deposition in a subtropical hydroelectric reservoir (Nam Theun II case study, Lao PDR)

Corinne Galy-Lacaux

Sensing technology for measuring crop nitrogen

Glenn Fitzgerald

Predicting N excretion in commercial grazing system dairy farms

Sharon Aarons

The effect of ecosystem engineers on N cycling in an arid agroecosystem

Jessica Ernakovich

Nitrogen inputs by rainfall, throughfall and stemflow in Brazilian semiarid

Karinne Deusdara

Recovery of soil and fertiliser nitrogen in irrigated cotton in Australia

John Smith

Building a Bayesian network for identifying key intervention points for improving nitrogen efficiency in the New Zealand dairy farm system

Cecile deKlein

Do environmental scientists behave more environmentally friendly with regard to nitrogen pollution?

Adrian Leip

Regional nitrate deposition inferred from ground- and space-based measurements

Miaomiao Cheng

Harvest index for biomass and nitrogen in maize crops limited by nitrogen and water

Emmanuel Chakwizira

Using metabolomic methods in the Victorian Dairy industry to understand the importance of organic nitrogen: from factory to farm

Michael Heaven

Evaluating the use of a web-based nitrogen cycle animation

Mark Imhof

Regional assessment of dry and wet deposition of reactive nitrogen in East Asia

Satomi Ban

Aged biochar affects gross nitrogen mineralisation and nitrogen recovery: a 15N study in two contrasting soils

Shamim Mia

Using a urine sensor to estimate nitrogen excretion by lactating dairy cows in Australian grazing systems

Awais Ahmed

1230 Lunch
1315 Looking forward to 2030: nitrogen and global sustainability goals
Professor Achim Dobermann
Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts, UK
Success stories of nitrogen across two decades of international conference
Professor Jan Willem Erisman
Louis Bolk Institute
1340 INI Chair – Summary Statement
Melbourne Declaration and Summary Statement
1500 Conference Close